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Block-the-Talk; Vipin Vindal of Quarks Technosoft Pvt Ltd on why liquidity is important for cryptocurrency exchanges

Financial Express 26 Nov 2022
Blockchain uses a publicly distributed network to store data. In blockchain you cannot edit, update or delete existing data, only new entries are allowed which makes it temper free ... Blockchain is a network of decentralized and distributed data (ledger), meaning the users share the ownership and management of the network through computer nodes.

How fintech’s blockchain financing solutions are filling the gap between emerging traders and developing economies

Financial Express 26 Nov 2022
Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology that offers a safe and secure platform for verifying information ... Shrikant Bhalerao of Seracle on how blockchain can keep digital assets safe ... What do we mean by Blockchain?  ... Blockchain technology is a perfect fit for the financial markets where data security is of paramount importance.
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Antiques dealer launches NFT or non fungible tokens

What Is Web3 and What Is Its Role in NFTs?

Decrypt 26 Nov 2022
Web3 (or Web 3.0) will revolutionize the way we use the internet by incorporating decentralization via blockchain technology ... Web3 is a response to concerns over personal data usage and internet privacy. In Web2, user data is largely controlled by major social media platforms, web browsers, and websites.

Crypto Winter No Longer Has Big Impact on Long-Term Industry Growth, EY Executive Says

Bitcoin 26 Nov 2022
EY’s global blockchain leader says that for the first time ever, crypto’s price swings do not have that big of an impact on the long-term growth of the industry ...The idea behind crypto was that it is fully transparent since it is on the blockchain and you can see if something bad happened.

Ethereum Software Firm ConsenSys Addresses Concerns Over Plans To Collect MetaMask Wallet Users’ Data

The Daily Hodl 26 Nov 2022
Blockchain software firm ConsenSys is clarifying a recent update to its terms of service about the collection of data from users of MetaMask, the flagship non-custodial wallet for Ethereum (ETH) ... ConsenSys says that its update was more of a reminder to users about how their data is processed and its use of Infura as the default node provider.

Meet the man who rose from poverty to build a multi-billion-dollar Web3 startup

Your Story 26 Nov 2022
How Mark Cuban-backed blockchain startup Polygon is solving Ethereum’s scalability problems ... Meanwhile, a data scientist at, Jaynti “JD” Kanani, who would soon become his co-founder, had identified a weakness in the Ethereum blockchain.The inflection point.

$SHB: Shiba Inu Investors Keep HODLing Even With 75% Now Underwater

Goldario 26 Nov 2022
Data from the Ethereum blockchain shows that around 75% of those invested in ...

Layer by Layer: Tron Takes Advantage of FTX Fiasco

The Block 26 Nov 2022
In this weekly series, we dive into some of the most interesting data and developments across the Layer 1 blockchain landscape, from DeFi and bridges to ...

Crypto firms are vowing to show proof of reserves after FTX's collapse. But here's what ...

Business Insider 26 Nov 2022
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao ... "Proof of reserves has emerged as a cunning way to save crypto, but it has two major flaws," Martin Hiesboeck, head of blockchain and crypto research at Uphold, told Insider ... A Merkle tree is a data structure that encodes blockchain transactions more securely, tracking assets from their origin to their destination ... ....

What the Builders of Web 3.0, DApps and Protocols Are Missing in Software Development

The Daily Hodl 25 Nov 2022
However, unlike traditional data storage systems, some aspects of blockchain make data querying time-consuming and painfully difficult. Individual projects that want to challenge the history of the blockchain and build useful data points for their apps must pay a high price and require extra computing power.

How Blockchain, Digital assets, and Web3 Unlock Financial Inclusion Globally

Finance Magnates 25 Nov 2022
However, Sreeya an Indonesia-based major poultry industry player, pledged to diminish this stress.</p><p>In 2020, Sreeya collaborated with blockchain-based company HARA and data analytics firm Dattabot to implement a blockchain-based traceability system.

Infura to Collect IP and Ethereum Addresses in ConsenSys Policy Update

Coinspeaker 25 Nov 2022
Consensys is not the first company to collect more data from users ... Despite the reaction, ConsenSys is not the first company to collect more data from users ... Similarly, Uniswap recently announced that it would begin collecting blockchain data and information about user devices, browsers, and operating systems.

How Technology is Improving Sports Betting Sites

Armchair Arcade 25 Nov 2022
Blockchain Technology. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows for transparency and trust ... Each block contains timestamps, data, and transaction information. The transactions are recorded in a way that makes them tamper-resistant because any changes made to the data will cause all subsequent blocks to also be changed.

Cardano (ADA) Developer Helps Create New Method for Evaluating Blockchain Decentralization

The Daily Hodl 25 Nov 2022
Cardano (ADA) developer Input Output Global (IOG) is working with the University of Edinburgh to create a new system that will determine if a blockchain is truly decentralized. IOG says that most blockchains claim to be decentralized but these assertions are subjective because no standard framework for evaluating decentralization exists.

Discover the use cases of blockchain technology in the CBD industry

Cryptopolitan 25 Nov 2022
Multiple tech giants, as well as startups are already using blockchain for a variety of purposes in multiple industries – from fintech to big data to energy and even wholesale ... One of the many popular use cases of blockchain technology has been its implementation as a reliable method for direct P2P transactions of value without a middleman.

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