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These four concepts will help you understand blockchains

Financial Express 04 Feb 2023
Below are four key terms you need to know to better understand how blockchains provide these functions ... The introduction of external data can compromise the security of the blockchain ... However, Oracle networks securely connect blockchains to real-world data, which in turn enables the ... legacy backend systems as well as external data to blockchains.

What is Layer0, Layer1, Layer2, Layer3 in Blockchain?

Cryptopolitan 04 Feb 2023
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that allows for the secure and transparent exchange of data ... Blockchain is defined as a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that facilitates the secure and trusted exchange of digital assets between two or more parties ... They can work independently from other blockchains.

NFTs Coming to Bitcoin Sparks Handwringing About Crypto Purists

The Times of India 04 Feb 2023
While Bitcoin miners, who process and validate data on the blockchain, welcome the invention since it can boost fees for them, critics are concerned an influx of new trading volume may crowd out other financial transactions ... That has enabled people to inscribe certain data, ...

Bitcoin NFT Mints Are Rising—But So Are Transaction Fees

Decrypt 04 Feb 2023
Ordinals, a controversial new project that lets users put NFT-like media assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, is seeing surging activity this week ... More than 1,000 total Bitcoin NFTs have been minted via Ordinals, according to public blockchain data curated by , topping that total on Thursday as 420 new “inscriptions” were made on the blockchain.

Crypto Prediction Markets: How Do They Work?

Cryptopolitan 04 Feb 2023
These markets use blockchain technology, which enables secure and transparent transactions and eliminates the need for intermediaries like banks or financial institutions ... They provide a secure and transparent way of using real-world data in blockchain-based applications.

History of Ethereum: Everything You Need to Know

Cryptopolitan 04 Feb 2023
A DAO is a decentralized organization run by a set of rules encoded as smart contracts on the blockchain ... Ethereum is designed to be interoperable with other blockchain networks, allowing for seamless transfer of data and value, while Bitcoin’s interoperability is limited.Upgradability.

Forward thinkers: Lukas and Brenden Fricke named Outstanding Area Farmers

The Columbus Telegram 04 Feb 2023
It's an unadulterated data set. Once you put the data in, you can't change it," Fricke said ... "You have third-party sensor data or smart software pieces of data that allows us to make claims for that blockchain so it's triple redundancy on a claim. Blockchain is a really fancy chain of custody on data," Fricke explained.

Ethereum, Bitcoin and S&P 500 with Decreased Issuance are Nearing the Golden Cross[Top News from ...

OBN 04 Feb 2023
The data shows that this leading smart contract blockchain burns more coins than it mints, in contrast to Bitcoin (BTC) ... BNB Chain, the blockchain network of the crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange Binance, released a white paper on its new distributed data storage system “BNB Greenfield” on February 1.

Ether ‘re-staking’ firm EigenLayer to raise $65 million

OBN 04 Feb 2023
EigenLayer raised $14.4 million last August, according to PitchBook data. Early investors include major cryptocurrency VCs Blockchain Capital, Figment Capital, and Ambush Capital ... EigenLayer plans to launch EigenLayer’s first middleware “EigenDA (Data Availability)” in 2023.

Selling Trump isn’t what it used to beAnyone seeking insight into Trump’s decision need look ...

Deccan Herald 04 Feb 2023
Anyone seeking insight into Trump’s decision need look no further than his partner in the enterprise ... Times have changed for both men ... To date, Trump Cards sales have hit $17.3 million, generating about $5.6 million in revenue, according to an analysis conducted by CryptoSlam, a blockchain data aggregator, for The New York Times ... Sign Up ... Twitter ... ....

Selling Trump Isn't What It Used to Be

Yahoo Daily News 04 Feb 2023
To date, Trump Cards sales have hit $17.3 million, generating about $5.6 million in revenue, according to an analysis conducted by CryptoSlam, a blockchain data aggregator, for The New York Times ... no other NFTs and have not tried to resell their holdings, according to public data.

Financial Inclusion, Youth and the Future of Banking

This Day 04 Feb 2023
Perspective. Ademola Adebise ... This youth population cannot be ignored ... This trend will continue as I expect to see more closed loop solutions driven by a very fast and intuitive system of data collection. Blockchain will witness increased adoption in the coming years, and we can expect more banks to deepen customer relationships via AI and chatbots ... .

History of Cryptography: Importance to Blockchain Networks

Cryptopolitan 03 Feb 2023
It is an integral part of blockchain technology, as it is the primary mechanism used to ensure data security and integrity ... The cryptographic keys provide a secure way to digitally sign transactions, allowing them to be securely transmitted across the blockchain network while preventing double spending or unauthorized tampering with the data.

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